I have come to understand that psychotherapy is about waking up to who you are and unleash your potential
Patrick Akrivos

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Human beings are gregarious animals, they are programmed for relationships
Patrick Akrivos


The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change. 
Carl Rogers


Real courage, is the courage to be imperfect  
Rudolph Dreikurs

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  • I am happy that I did no grow up like this
  • I am happy I had no electronic gadgets
  • I am happy TV was for the grown ups
  • I often wander to that place
  • Among the hills
  • It was my sword, my horse, my friend
  • My airplane
  • I am happy to remember all this
  • I come often here
  • I am tempted to play again letting
  • There were I used to built castles
  • Hunt elves in the forest
  • I remember the place I dug for treasures
  • I pick up a stick
  • Worms have had a feast on it
  • My imagination rain free
  • Hunting elves
  • Saving queens
  • Becoming a hero to the village
  • Made up by little ants

Patrick D. Akrivos